Affordable Housing

As we all know, DC had been under the knife for well over a decade. For an example— people were forced out of their homes to make room for the Nationals’ Stadium and businesses surrounding the M. Street South West. project. Also in North East, DC— factories diminished due to the reconstruction of NOMA (Rhode Island Avenue N.W., New York Avenue N.W., and Florida Avenue N.W. corridors).

Have you wondered where all the people who were pushed/bought out went?? Washingtonians were forced out to other areas of the city, or into other States.

When you drive through these areas of the city now you will see new/re-vamped businesses, lavish storefronts with restaurants, clothing stores with apartment homes incorporated, very limited parking, inconvenient updates to our public transportation systems (underground trains and busses), road detours, ongoing construction with the Minnesota Avenue Phase II Rehabilitation Project…..etc! Who were all of the changes for? Is it inclusive and balanced so everyone can afford to reside here? These are questions many of us have. We need inclusion, opportunities, and answers!!

Written on August 23, 2020