Grocery Stores

I’ve visited plenty of grocery stores in Washington, DC. Wards 7 and 8 grocery stores are horrible. Meats are outdated, bags of salad are rotten, and the isles are filthy. Moldy bread and nasty bathrooms are the norm!! No great options in food selection. This forces Washingtonians to take their money to other tates. In addition, we are dealing with Covid-19. Some stores don’t have enough hand sanitizer or Lysol sprays to spray down the shopping carts. All stores should at least hose the shopping carts down with bleach and water daily to help stop the spread of the virus and other bacterias. Furthermore, we should have access to more cleaning products for our homes.

There is a terrible shortage in Lysol and Chlorox products; we need to get this virus under control with the proper supplies. Plastic bags for meats and produce are very important to keep our foods from cross-contaminating other foods. There are times I have to go all the way to the produce section to grab bags for the meat section. Food that should be refrigerated is left in a non-refrigerated isle. As a result, employees should be checking the aisles and register areas frequently, and not shopping back dairy if it has set out at room temperature for long periods of time.

Each grocery store should have coolers in the front of the stores close to the register so the unwanted items can immediately be refrigerated/frozen until the employee can return it back to the section it belongs. I’ve seen it in Shoppers Food Warehouse in Maryland—so it is possible. This would save food from being trashed or a customer accidently purchasing rotten milk; and ultimately save money. Contractors who deliver the bread and other perishible items should rotate the products out when they deliver new shipment. No one should pick up moldy out-dated bread!!

Written on August 23, 2020