Let’s dive into some of many important topics many Washingtonians struggle with day to day–including my family! I want to incorporate these ideas into change for our communities!!

  1. Homeless Community Programs
  2. Affordable Housing in Washington, DC
  3. Grocery Stores (food quality/quantity/sanitation)
  4. Law Enforcement
  5. Senior Care (under-reporting of Nursing Homes and negligence)
  6. Substance Abuse
  7. Small Businesses, Entertainment, and Jobs
  8. Education and Programs for Children, Young Adults, and Elderly

I feel that all of the social and economical disparities in Washington, DC are all linked. I would love to be the plug!! We can work together on these issues and other individual challenges of our city. Regardless of your race, gender, denomination, status, sexual orientation, age, educational background—we are all one!

So now that you know a little about me and what my ideas are– to push the city forward, I would like to hear from all of you–what concerns do you have and how may I be of any assistance? Please don’t hesitate to reach out!!

Vote for A’Shia Howard— “I see you, DC!!”

Written on August 23, 2020