Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement’s purpose for all Americans is simply to restore order, neutralize any situation, and serve as conflict resolution. Citizens should not have to question if they should call the police because they are afraid of the possibility of any negative outcomes.

Officers should all have information for citizens to use to reach out for different resources to assist in helping.

I am in support of Policing that is equal and fair for all Washingtonians. Some officers feel they are above the law and over-police, creating negativity and tension with the citizens.

Law Enforcement officers should have continuous training on different techniques in how to diffuse situations. Brainstorm with their peers and the community; discuss different situations they face day to day.

Officers are human too and I understand this can be a very stressful job, but the minute you put that badge on and place that gun on your hip you already overpower many other people in the city. Officers should also have more time to de-stress. Officers need to have the mental capacity and compassion to understand the citizens they serve and seek mandatory therapy for the tramatic things they are put up against.

Citizens also need to understand their rights and know that they can report an officer if they feel they didn’t uphold the respect of their position to Office of Police Complaints. For more information, click this link: Police Complaints.

Also, tickets from the speed cameras lights and from officers should be evaluated more closely, along with how the money is used from tickets in general! Is the revenue from tickets being re-invested into DC to keep our streets safe and into other programs that positively benefit us all??

As far as the speed cameras go—the speed limit should be posted clearly the second the speed limit changes. Example: Someone could be traveling from Baltimore on 695-S driving into the Washington, DC. If the speed limit isn’t immediately posted upon entering Washington, DC (or visibly shows when the speed limit changes)—but a hidden camera is used instead—then how is that fair? It’s a trap!!

Written on August 23, 2020