Small Business, Entertainment, and Jobs

We need more restaurants and less unhealthy carry-outs. Again, we should keep our revenue inside of DC. There is no reason why we can’t have nice restaurants in ALL Wards. No one should have to take their money to other States in order to get a quality meal. Some of our citizens are dealing with dietary health issues. Carry-outs are convenient to have when you dont want to or cant cook, but is it a good food selection? Excessive amounts of Cholesterol, Sodium, and Glucose in fast foods/carry-outs contribute to longterm health issues in our communities. This increases hospital stays and hospital bills. Inspections of these restaurants should be stricter and done more often, keeping our healthcare in mind.

Support and invest into more grassroots businesses and entertainment from Washingtonians to live and work in DC. We need to ensure that our businesses reinvest their money back into DC. Washingtonians spend money in other states, and those states dont contribute back to us. The businesses in DC keep our revenue flourishing—Give local businesses tax breaks for investing back in DC. Also there are so many talented Designers, Artists, and Musicians in Washington, DC—and it should be showcased here. When we have to go elsewhere for Entertainment and Artistry, the money and the culture leaves the city too! Bring Entertainment and Culture back to DC!

Washington, DC business owners should first consider hiring within, when seeking new employees. We are in need of lowering the percentage of unemployed citizens. Again, there are plenty of educated and talented Washingtonians right here!! Utilize them before hiring outside of the city.

Written on August 23, 2020